The Wedding Get Down

We had the pleasure of having their services on our special day. We couldn't have chosen a better DJ for our wedding. From the meetings prior to our date, down to Jackie being a huge help, they went above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable and confident in their services. To this day our venue says they have yet to have a wedding get down as much as we did... Thanks to our DJ!
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Wedding Goals

Picking a DJ for your big day is not an easy task. After all, it's not just a birthday get down that you repeat every year or an office party where some dance music is played but mostly your boss talks and they give out awards. This is the one event where so much MUST go right in regards to the DJ. The music was great but I'll get to that in a minute. First, the professionalism of the DJ. To have an assistant, HUGE! Jackie helped to keep up on the timeline. But we didn't ever have to go to her to let her know, she was always just there. This was amazing throughout the whole night. Next, they are punctual!!! Nobody likes a late DJ. My wife asked if they could be there extra early before the ceremony and there was no..."well, in my experience..." it was just "What time were you thinking?" When we asked for advice they gave it, when asked or specifics it was yes. This left us with the feeling that we were in control the whole time and that they were our Liaison. Never once did we feel that they wanted to do something because "that's what happens at all weddings" and we loved that. The preparation they put into the ceremony and the reception; from questionnaires to the questions asked to understand our dream day you can tell this is not their first event and they have been doing this for some time now. Every form, every email, every interaction...they all spoke professionalism; only in a cool and hip way that showed how passionate they were about their business.

Now for the day of; Once again, punctual. Just as we had requested and they had promised. My wife and I did a lot of things ourselves. We had an outdoor wedding and spent time setting up the event the day before. Only to have a windy night that left us cleaning up things that had fallen over down to chasing down table cloths. These two came in, did what they needed to in order to get set up and began to help. NOT expected or paid for; just two passionate people doing what they do in order to help make our day that much more amazing. Throughout the rest of the day, and night, there was a lot of little things I noticed. From the little queues, they sent each other from across the room letting each other to bring up the volume or down the volume to when to queue the music for entrances. Again all the signs of true professionals in their industry. Amani on the mic as Emcee and helping to keep everything moving through speeches to announcements we asked to be made it was amazing. But all these things I've said, as amazing as they are, they are not why we hired Amani Jae Ent. We hired this company for the music, the style, and the party. the DJ's ability to read the crowd and stay relevant with the music was spot on. I don't remember a minute when we didn't have someone dancing and there were a lot of moments where the dance floor was the highlight of the night. So many people followed up our wedding with #WeddingGoals or "Wedding of the Year" comments. None of which were possible without an amazing DJ. 5 Stars are simply not enough for what these two did for us leading up to and on our special day, but it won't let me choose more so....5 STARS IT IS!!!
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